SleepWell Method

The SleepWell Method is a permanent cure for occasional sleeplessness through to chronic insomnia

It's a unique, tried and tested solution that's worked for thousands of people - because problems with sleep always stem from issues which can be effectively addressed and permanently fixed. So if you learn and use the method it will work for you too.

No drugs, herbal remedies or gadgets

The SleepWell Method is an easily learned mental and physiological process that allows you to fall asleep naturally. It uses CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which is now recommended by the NHS as a preferable alternative to sleep medication. Once learnt, it stays with you and will always be there when you need it. You don't have to keep buying it, you can't forget to bring it with you and you won't become bored with it. It becomes automatic for you at bedtime.

Unlimited counseling support and guaranteed for one year

The SleepWell Method is a fully supported programme and we're here to support you by phone, email and one to one. The method has been developed and refined over 25 years and it really does work. So for your peace of mind, in the unlikely event that you decide that you can't get on with it and we've tried to help you through, we'll refund your investment.

"Help - I can't sleep", your search for a solution ends here!

In almost every case, difficulty with sleep is due to poor bedtime routines, overthinking and failure to set yourself up for the night by putting yourself into "Sleepy Mode". A parent who can't sleep may sometimes "pass it on" to their child. If you lie in bed and let your mind run riot like an excited puppy allowing random thoughts, ideas, issues at work, past events and grievances to fill your head as you lie in a dark quiet place, you'll stay awake until you're exhausted. If you're in the habit of doing this, known as rumination, the mental images, conversations and feelings produced will tell your brain to keep you awake and cause your endocrine system to secrete stimulating hormones into your blood system to make you ready for action - not sleep. People with insomnia know that they're going to do this so they put off going to bed until late. Ironically, the fear of not sleeping can itself cause us not to sleep. Known medically as "psycho-physiological insomnia". Current research indicates that about two thirds of the population experience occasional insomnia whilst one third has challenges on a regular basis.

There's nothing wrong with you, it's what you're doing that's causing the problem.

All mammals sleep, and they don't have any trouble. The key difference between humans and animals is that we have a conscious and thinking proactive mind - animals don't, they have just a reactive mind to serve their basic and immediate needs. And this is where problems with sleep stem from. In order for us to sleep, our conscious mind needs to switch off - but if we're thinking, we keep our minds busy so we prevent sleep. It's as simple as that. Moreover, when you're lying down you instinctively feel more vulnerable and when you're in a dark quiet place it can be a cinema for our thoughts and emotions - so we need to take charge of our mind at bedtime if we're to sleep.

How does The SleepWell Method work?

It works by dealing with the root cause of sleeplessness or insomnia - excessive and inappropriate mental activity and stress. You'll discover how to turn your mind off at bedtime and put yourself into "Sleepy Mode" so that you naturally fall asleep quickly, and stay asleep. Most people are aware that going to bed with their heads spinning with thoughts isn't good for sleeping, but many don't know how to stop it - and of course long practised habits require a good strategy to break them. There are three key elements:

One. Sleep Hygiene - the everyday practical issues

By understanding and addressing the practical factors which affect sleep such as routine, diet, environment, exercise and health we can start to build the foundations of becoming regular sleepers. Many people with sleep issues or insomnia will be uncomfortable with the thought of routine. But even though we might not like routine, our bodies certainly do and would prefer not to be left guessing when bedtime might be. You'll learn why you should "never wait until you're tired to go to bed" and "never eat on an empty stomach".

Two. Learning the "Inner Game" of sleep

Learn how to overcome the worry of not sleeping well, how to mentally shut down at bedtime by quarantining unwanted and troublesome thoughts - how to take control of your mind and body. In essence, everything that you need to know and do to allow you to fall sleep naturally. These efficacious tools use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). You'll also learn some important physiological things that promote sleep involving your eyes, breathing and physiology. And it doesn't all happen at bedtime, because there are things you need to be doing and thinking during the day that affect how you sleep at night.

Three. Mindfulness and de-stressing

By learning and practicing a simple and effective mindfulness meditation technique, you'll both reduce your stress levels and train yourself to turn your mind off whenever you want, so you'll find it easier to switch off at night. You'll also learn the power of using mindfulness techniques to reduce the mental chatter that robs us of our peace of mind. You'll be surprised how life changes as you reduce stress and your mind becomes quieter and clearer and you become happier and you feel calmer and more in control. We all have a "Stress Reaction" - a condition that occurs when we're stressed - common reactions are eczema, asthma, psoriasis, migraines, IBS, insomnia, anxiety, frequent colds and irritability. Numerous studies have proven mindfulness meditation to be highly effective in reducing stress within us. So by the Law of Cause and Effect, when you keep your stress levels in check, you keep your stress reaction in check as well - as many of our customers have happily discovered. [It's important to know what your stress reactions are so you can know how stressed you are and take action if necessary.]

How can I get started and learn The SleepWell Method?

It's supplied as a 100 page user manual, two training CDs and a bedside reminder card. It's offered in two formats - either as a printed pack which will be posted to you, or as a download for you to print off yourself or read and play from your computer, smart phone of tablet. Both versions come with unlimited coaching and support - this means that we'll give you any amount of help with using the materials or dealing with sleep issues.

The SleepWell Method Package - manual, two CDs and prompt card

The Manual

It's called a manual because it's not a book in the traditional sense. Books contain a lot of information that's not important to you and take hours to read to get just a few learning points. And what's more, many people never finish reading a book! This instruction manual doesn't labour on about what sleep is - as so many well-meaning books do, it focuses specifically on what you need to know and do in order to become a good sleeper. If you follow the steps it will work for you - guaranteed. And because it gets straight to the point you'll have read it and understood it in about an hour and be benefiting from it that night!

To help you memorise the method, it's been built into steps around the acronym - SLEEPY© where each letter is a prompt for what you need to do to shut down, switch off to sleep. In the same way a pilot goes through a set routine to take off or land a plane, you'll learn a routine which will become automatic for you at bedtime to put you into "Sleep Mode".

The Meditation CD

Practicing mindfulness meditation is proven to be highly effective in reducing stress and promoting sleep, but trying to learn it from a book isn't so easy. So this CD has been produced to guide you how to deeply relax and de-stress whenever or wherever you want. Reducing stress in itself promotes sleep, and learning how to switch off will positively help you to sleep at night. Being able to meditate is a very useful skill that can be practiced at home, in your lunch break, waiting for an appointment, at an airport or on public transport - even in a supermarket queue (with your eyes open)!

The Bedtime CD

To help you to learn how to use The SleepWell Method, this CD has been developed for you to listen to at bedtime. It works by reinforcing what you've read in the manual and also by guiding you through the SLEEPY© induction, taking you into deep and restful sleep.

These are training CDs - for learning the method. After just a few sessions you'll know what to do and you'll be able to relax, switch off and go to sleep on your own - so you won't need to keep listening to them every night unlike general conventional "relaxation CDs".

Quick Reference Card

Also included is a Quick Reference Card for you to keep by your bed to help you remember the key points in The SleepWell Method and the steps of the SLEEPY© induction.

How much does The SleepWell Method cost?

For an investment of £45 for the download version or £67 for the printed version (by special request), you'll learn how to get a good night's sleep - guaranteed. Now that's not just one night, that's every night! So if you sleep well for the next year it will have cost you about 12p a night, over 5 years about 2p per night and so on. Imagine how your life will change for the better when you can get the sleep you need and want. What else that could give such a return on investment?

And remember, you're not buying consumable items such as vitamins, minerals, herbal remedies or drugs which will create an on-going cost and possible dependence. You're also not buying a gadget or gimmick that you're likely to get bored with, or something which could get lost or broken. You're investing in a learning that will stay with you and serve you for the rest of your life.

How do I order The SleepWell Method ?

Just click here to go to the
page - and you can get going this evening.

It'll take you an hour to read the manual and you can be listening and benefiting from to the audio files tonight. If you have any questions or need some help or advice, please contact us or phone 01562 710029 (0044 1562 710029) - office hours are 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. UK time any day including weekends. We'll be pleased to hear from you.

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"There are many thoughts that would gladly haunt our minds at bedtime and deprive us of our most needed sleep. Yet there are few issues that cannot wait until tomorrow to be addressed with an objective mind."

Endorsements from satisfied customers.

"I used to wake up every morning at 4.30 and my brain would then go into overdrive and I would be awake until 6.30 when it was time to get up. You showed me how I could switch off and go back to sleep again. I now sleep till 6.30 every morning. Thank you Tony".
Rosie Price. Southampton

“I’m really pleased because not only am I sleeping again, the neuralgia in my face that I was suffering from my insomnia has gone as well. Worth ten times the price for the relief I received!”
Mary Mocklow. Stourbridge

“I have to chuckle when I realise how much thinking and processing I did in bed, no wonder it took so long to get to sleep. My bedroom is now a no thinking zone so I can now switch off and sleep in just a few minutes"
Carolyn Turner, London

“As well as learning how to sleep properly again I also must tell you that over that last 6 months I would have had twelve or more migraines, but since I’ve been using you daily meditation session I’ve had just one – thank you Tony”.
Jane Saunders, Oxford