SleepWell Method

How calm is your mind? Try this revealing test...

Your mental calmness is a barometer for your personal effectiveness during the day and your ability to switch off and get to sleep at bedtime. Invest a couple of minutes of your time to find out how calm and focused your mind is.
Firstly you'll need a watch or clock with a second hand, or you can use the link below to an analogue clock. (Windows 7 has a good analogue clock if you click on the time in the bottom right hand corner of the screen). Sit down and book yourself a couple of minutes where you won't be disturbed. Look at the dial and when the second hand reaches the top, start counting "one" on each movement of the second hand. Try not to think of anything other than the movement of the second hand. If you become aware that your mind has wandered off and started thinking about something else, continue counting but now count "two" on each movement of the second hand. If your mind wanders off again, continue by counting "three" and so on until you've done one minute - and see what number you get to. Then click the X above the clock to return to this page to assess your score. Try this now before reading on...

analogue clock

The lower your score, the calmer you mind is. If you're able to stay mentally focused on one task, you’ll be more productive in the day and find it easier to switch off and sleep at night. If you have a higher score, because your mind jumps about, you’ll be changing from one task to the next and you’ll also find it difficult to relax and switch off at bedtime.
1-2 Indicates a calm mind, difficulties with sleep may be more to do with routine and lifestyle.
3-5 You have plenty of mental processes going on, does your mind do this at bedtime?
6+ your mind is rather overloaded, racing from one thing to another. This affects concentration during the day and and your sleep at night.
Higher scores are indicative of higher stress levels. I'm sure it will come as no surprise to you that if your mind kept jumping about like a grasshopper, then this level of mental activity will be affecting both your concentration now and your ability to switch off at bedtime. For some people, their minds jump about so much that they can’t concentrate on anything long enough to actually finish the job so their productivity is very low. An effective cure for this common condition is to practice a meditation technique. This teaches you to quieten your mind of mental chatter and think more coherently as well as reducing stress. A meditation training CD is therefore included in The SleepWell Method package.