SleepWell Method


"It just works - amazing, and so quick!" Paul Spencer. London

"I used to wake up every morning at 4.30, my brain would then go into overdrive and I would be awake until 6.30 when it was time to get up. In just a few minutes you showed me how I could switch off and go back to sleep again. I now sleep till 6.30 every morning. Thank you Tony". Rosie P. Southampton

"I'm so pleased that I can now switch off and sleep, I wish I’d known about this years ago". Bruce Robbins, Philadelphia

“I’m really pleased because not only am I sleeping again, the neuralgia in my face that I was suffering from my insomnia has gone as well. Worth ten times the price for the relief I received!” Mary Mocklow, Stourbridge

"I thought I couldn't sleep because there was something wrong with me - but it was way I was running my life which was the problem. You showed me how to put my life in order - now I can sleep again". Alex S, Birmingham

"I’m impressed with how effective the SleepWell Method is, I just go through the SLEEPY acronym and away I go. Sometimes I don’t even get to the end". Jayne Eastham, Leicester

"I thought I was an insomniac and always would be. You showed me what I was doing to cause this. I was then able fix it the problem." Tina Austin, Southampton

“As well as learning how to sleep properly again I also must tell you that over that last 6 months I would have had twelve or more migraines, but since I’ve been using you daily meditation session I’ve had just one – thank you Tony”. Jane Saunders, Oxford

“I now look forward to going to bed because I know I’ll sleep”. David Peters, London

"How could something which was such a problem for me be so easy to fix?" S. Hopton, London

"Learning how to switch my mind off at bedtime has been fundamental to now being able to sleep". Paul Cooper, Milton Keynes

"I just wanted to thank you, I was doing all the wrong things at bedtime, I've followed you method and it just works like magic!" Carolyn Turner, London

"Thanks for telling me what to do if I wake up in the night - problem solved!" Peter Elliott, Berks

"I feel so much better from reducing the stress I used to carry around with me - this in itself lets me sleep better" Paul Williams, London