SleepWell Method

Why we wake up in the night...

So you got off to sleep but then you woke up for no apparent reason in the small hours, and perhaps you got annoyed because you value your sleep. While you were lying there maybe you started thinking about the things in your life and before you know it you're all wound up and not feeling like sleeping at all. Well there's a simple reason why our brain begins to waken during the night. Unless there was a disturbance or you're having a reaction to something you consumed earier, it's because you need to answer nature's call.

If you were awake and standing up, you’d know instinctively when you needed to go to the bathroom, because you’d feel the pressure and the weight of gravity on your bladder. But when you’re lying down it isn’t so obvious - because gravity is now working in a different direction. The result is that a full bladder will start to wake you up, but in your semi-conscious state, you may not realise why. So programme yourself so that the next time you wake up for no apparent reason, you don’t lie there wondering why you’re awake, you just get up and answer nature’s call. You may not even think you need to go until you get yourself vertical and take a few steps – then you’ll realise.

If it’s not long before you need to get up, by lying on your front you may find that you can get back to sleep for a while.

Remember that when you get up in the night you're vulnerable to your mind going into “thinking mode” so it’s important that you keep any unwanted thoughts in check so you can lie there in a deeply relaxing meditation which is as good as, if not better than sleep. This deep state of relaxation will naturally channel you back to sleep.

Now there are a number of things you can do to help yourself if this is an issue for you. First, be aware of what you drink near to bedtime. Second, make sure you visit the bathroom just before going to bed. Third, train your bladder to hold a greater capacity. A good way to do this during the day is to resist going the toilet as soon as the urge takes you, hold on a little bit. This will teach both you and your bladder that you have more capacity than you think you have. This is the equivalent of working out in a gym for your bladder! You’ll soon find that you can go longer periods between visits. This will really help you at night because you’ll increase your tolerance and have fewer wake-up calls!